Dec. 1934

  Founded.Began to produce various pumps

Apr. 1958

  Registered as MARUSHICHI IRON WORKS CO.,LTD officially
  with the Capital ¥1,000,000

Aug. 1963

  Established HYDRAULIC MACHINERY department. Began to
  prouce Plastic Molding Presses,Rubber Presses etc.

Sep. 1967

  Increased the Capital to ¥10,500,000

July. 1968

  Constructed the new factory at Key Industries Zone of
  Tsubame city and promoted the rationalization of production
  with newly installed Machinery and equipment

July. 1974

  Constructed the 3rd factory,completing the 2nd Plan of
  Equipment with N.C.Lathes etc.

Mar. 1975

  Increased the Capital to ¥20,000,000

Nov. 1975

  Began the 3rd Plan of Equipment with 135m/m
  Horizontal Boring Machine,2,000m/m Plano Miller etc.

June. 1976

  Completed the 4th Plan of Equipment with 3,400m/m
  Cylindrical Grinding Machine and 4,200m/m Axle Lathe

Aug. 1981

  Made a contract with ETS POMPES GUINARD of France
  including a shares.Took Licenses of API610 pumps,
  ISO pumps from Annecy plant.
  Increased the Capital to ¥26,638,000
  (where,POMPES GUINARD 25% holding)

Dec. 1986

  POMPES GUINARD merged by German KSB,and Marushichi,
  indirectly,pertained to KSB group operations.Licenses
  from Annecy(Energy department)were succeeded as valid.

Jan. 1999

  Operation started under new name of Marushichi CO.,LTD.
  Head office registered at Tokyo with capital ¥30,000,000.

July. 2006

  Separate pump department and established MARUSHICHI
  ENGINEERING CO.,LTD.Renewal and Operation started for
  the new company,registered Head office at Niigata
  with capital ¥30,000,000.